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Whether you're new to marijuana or have been smoking for years, we promise you'll learn something in this course.

Marijuana 101:

Become a better cannabis user in 10 days.

A FREE email course to help you become a smarter and more responsible cannabis user. If you're wondering how to try marijuana now that it's being legalized, this is the perfect course for you. 

Where is it legal?

Learn where and why marijuana has been legalized, and how odds are good that it will be legal where you live in 5 years.

How to choose and shop for cannabis

We'll dissect what makes strains different from each other and how you should figure out what to buy from your dispensary or retail store.

How to smoke/eat/vaporize and more

Five whole lessons to teach you the many different ways you can ingest cannabis. By the time you finish this course, you'll be a seasoned pro at smoking.

Tools and entertainment to make your marijuana more fun

You'll learn about different tools and gadgets you can use to improve your experience. We'll also suggest several ways you can have more fun on your own and with friends.

I smoked weed in college, but only when other friends had it. I learned a lot about how to buy it in a store and what type of strain I should get.

Evan P.

I'm really into health and fitness, so to learn about the healthier ways of smoking like vaporizing was really useful to me.

Sara R.

Frank C.

It's been years since I smoked pot, and I really didn't know what I was doing before I subscribed to this course. I wish I had had this course when I was younger.

Day 1: Welcome to Marijuana 101

Day 2: Cannabis, the plant

Day 3: Choosing the right strain

Day 4: Smoking with paper

Day 5: Smoking out of glass

Day 6: Edibles

Day 7: Concentrates and oils

Day 8: Vaporizing

Day 9: Gadgets and maintenance

Day 10: Having fun with your marijuana

The lessons

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Make your marijuana more fun.

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